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About us
【 About us 】

The Office of the Secretariat, consisting of Administration Section, Section of Institutional Research and Development and Public Relations Section, is responsible for secretarial management, university administration, university official documents processing, and the management of media relations, public relations and other activities. The primary role of the Office of the Secretariat is to facilitate university development, service quality, and the public image of the university.


【 Introduction of the three sections 】

Administration Section (AS)

       Processing official documents

       Arranging administrative meetings

       Supporting the operation of Internal Control Committee

       Overseeing the management of university investment funds

       Serving as a link between public-interest groups and the university

       Providing assistance for special events


Section of Institutional Research and Development (SIRD)

       Collecting, synthesizing, and analyzing institutional data for various projects   

       Offering accurate, timely, and digestible research needed by university decision makers

       Publishing reports supporting campus academic planning, strategic decision-making, enrollment management, and program assessment

       Preparing reports pertaining to university development, and ensuring accuracy and timeliness

       Monitoring the overall integrity and quality of data

       Performing other related tasks as required


Public Relations Section (PRS)

       Establishing and maintaining good-natured, cooperative relationships with the media, the government, local communities and other public-interest groups

       Preparing news releases and information for the media

       Responding to enquiries from the media

       Providing assistance with interviews and media appearances

       Helping maintain the public image and identity of the university